Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ever know you are going to have a bad day before you even open your eyes?

This morning I was awoken to the sounds of my child starting to get sick. Not a sound any mother likes to hear but especially when said child is in bed with you. I jumped out of bed and got her to the bathroom just in time, or so I thought. After I quick shower I was good as new :)
There is nothing worse as a mom than to feel completely helpless when it comes not being able to make all the hurts stop. Thats where I am at this point, she is resting know thank the lord but when she is awake she is curled into a ball and complains that her tummy hurts. The only thing I can do give her Pepto but we all know if you can't keep it down it doesn't help. All I can do is pray that it runs it's course quickly. Just let it be said I HATE VIRUSES !


  1. Oh No! Poor thing! I hope she feels better and quick! Hang in there. I know it's just as hard on mom as it is the kid. :(

  2. Girl...I FEEL your pain. I hope she gets well soon! I have heard a 24 hr stomach virus is going around. I will pray for a speedy and full recovery. Hang in there! :)