Friday, May 29, 2009

TAKS test

Well I finally received Kai's score for the math part of the TAKS test and I was so proud when I read that he scored a perfect 2694 out of a 2694. I am the proudest mom around! In March he took the Reading part and scored a 2502 out of 2609 which put him on the commended scale, we were so proud then that I think people finally started to get annoyed with us bragging :) I feel sorry for you guys now because your gonna here about this until the next time one of them does something fabulous, which shouldn't be long from now :} Hey what can I say I think they are wonderful! 


  1. I remember taking the TAKS when I was little! Kai's scores are amazing-not only is he smart but a good test taker as well! I can only imagine what his SAT score will be like!

  2. That is awesome! Tell him congrats! They all sound so grown up I want to cry!

  3. I didn't know you blogged! Hurray! Now I can keep up with you pictures and stories of your devilish angels, lol. SO CUTE! ALL OF THEM!