Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 13,2009
Today after Irelyn and I dropped off the boys at school we found a turtle swimming in a puddle in the front yard. It was really rather large and had a cracked shell like it had been run over (I really hope it was not by me) ever since then all Irelyn can talk about is the "tudle" and how she wants a " tiny tudle". We have already been through the whole turtle experience with Kai but it looks like we get to relive the whole thing over again with Little Miss Irelyn. Anyone know if I can get a pink turtle!


  1. I've got some pink spray paint we can You hold the turtle (make sure it's not a snapping turtle) and I'll spray the can. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing the turtle story. I wish I had been with you to see her little face. We saw her the other day with a rolie poly on her
    We girls need to get together and make a Paint a Tudle Day. That would be fun!!!!

  3. Sounds good to me you know how she likes pink

  4. Hey Stephanie! I found your blog from Yvette's. Post some pictures of the kids when you get a chance. (Yvette doesn't post enough! And I deleted my myspace page, moved to facebook.) I LOVE the family picture!