Monday, February 15, 2010

Infanticide, sometime I can understand it.

Ok so I could never really hurt my children, but man I really thought they were gonna drive me nuts this weekend.
Children are not suppose to be trapped indoors for so many hours, they turn in to rabid animals and start to turn on each other and their mother.

My kids are outside kids, we live in the country and they have free reign of ten acres. They can go any where they want as long as they stay on our land. When you suddenly you take away all access to the outdoors they go crazy indoors which makes me go crazy.
They have been home with just me since Thursday, Leo has been going to work at 7 am and getting home around 11pm. So this leaves me with three stir crazed kids ALONE.

Thursday, I let the kids go play in the snow and they made a huge mess coming in and out so after about 30 minutes of this I told them no more outside. My mistake, they still had a LOT of energy left.

Friday, I again let the kids outside and again was left with a mess of wet clothes and a wet and muddy entry way so around noon it was inside only. My house has great acoustics, great for music awful when you have 3 rambunctious children.

Saturday, by this time the snow has really left a mess. I loaded the kids in the car and ventured out to the grocery store. This is not something I like to do on the weekend and defiantly something I try to avoid when I have all my kids alone. Kroger was packed and Trais kept acting like a clown. I was so stressed by the time we left I had a massive headache.

Sunday, Valentine's Day I was awaken at 7:30 by my three valentines lined up at the foot of the bed shouting HAPPY VALENTIMES DAY! I sat straight up in bed and thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest. After I finally realized there was no fire or intruder I noticed my babies had all made cards for me . After lots of hugs and kisses I got cleaned up and started breakfast and waited for Mimi to come deliver her valentines for the kids. While waiting I got a call from Jen, she was going through the same misery that I was with trying to entertain her 4 kids stuck in a house. After much thought on what to do with 7 kids age ranging from 12 to 2 we came up with the local natatorium.

This was honestly a life saver, I was so stressed from all the fighting and arguing that all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball in a dark place and cry.
We met the Phillips clan in Denton and Jen and I got to enjoy the company of another adult and the sounds of our children enjoying themselves NOT fighting.

After spending several hours in the pool we met back up at Jen's house for some Mickey D's and to let the kids play just a little while longer. I think this was more for the moms than it was for the kids :) . At about 7: 30 we headed home, my kids were in bed asleep my 8 o'clock. I was just as exhausted and was asleep by 10:30, thats the earliest I have gone to sleep with out the help of a sleep aide in about 3 months.

The whole gang
Tatum, Kai, Nathan, Trais, Irelyn, Maicie, Katy

Jen, Katy, Irelyn, Maicie, Trais, and Tatum swimming in
The girls climbed into the lockers while Jen and I where getting everything together for a shower.

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