Monday, February 8, 2010

I wonder if I can order the body along with the swim suit from Victoria's Secret?

So this past summer I lost a little over 30 lbs and I was super pumped about it. I had to buy all new clothes and swimsuits and even new bras and panties (30 lbs comes off in some of the most peculiar places) fast ward to today. I have put on about 20 of those 30 lbs it really makes me wanna cry how could I have gained that much weight back. Well first of all the Holidays I love to eat during the holidays and when you go from allowing yourself 1000 to 1500 calories a day to whatever you can shovel in tends to put the weight on you. But also I was pregnant, Leo and I decided that we wanted another baby and we wanted him or her born this summer. So we began trying at the end of November, right after my 30th birthday. We found out baby #4 was on the way December 16. Naturally any thought of getting back to my low cal lifestyle was out the window but really who cares if your skinny when your pregnant. At our first doctors appointment we found out that a miscarriage was immanent. We were devastated I think I sat in the room a good 20 minutes and cried, then I cried the whole way home and then again that night. After a lot of praying and asking why I actually came to terms with the whole thing as awful and heartbreaking as it was. I know that God will not give you anything you can not handle. I have to go by what the doctor say when they told it most likely was a chromosomal defect that happens to a lot of women but they miscarry before they know they are pregnant, but my body carried until I was 10 weeks. We are going to try again but not until October, we want the kids birthdays spread out through the year.
On a lighter note my dietician has me back to my low cal lifestyle. I hoping to be back to where I was by May and to have lost another 10 lbs by June. I actually bought a really cute swim suit at the end of the season last year in anticipation of this year. A very sad thing to do if you falter like I did because trust me I don't even wanna see my self in it at this point. Wish me luck guys because in July I am wearing it to the lake in either celebration or sel
f flagellation. Let's hope it's celebration because otherwise it's not gonna be pretty!

The new swim suit really wish the body had come with it.


  1. Oh girl. I am so sorry! That's heartbreaking news! :(

    I am with you on the body thing, lol. I lost all but 4 pounds of my baby weight when I went to my 8 week post partum check up. And now, I've gained about half of it back. 16 pounds. But it looks like 40. :/ Ick! Why can't deliciousness be good for you?! >:(

  2. Oh how I wish it could be that way. What my dietician told me was I could eat whatever I want as long as I don't go over my allowed calories for the day. My first day doing this I went to bed with only water in my tummy. I had eaten my 1500 calories for breakfast and lunch. I learned real fast to be very careful of what I put in my mouth and absolutely no sodas thats what got me the first day I drank 500 calories in one sitting.

  3. I KNOW! My delicious Dr. Peppers are a killer! I try to drink my 0 calorie ice tea.. but it's just not the same, lol. I want the teeny waist and none of the effort. :D

  4. I am sorry about the miscariage. That can be so hard. I wish you luck in getting pregnant in the fall.

    I want that body too! I am SO FAT! I am about 20 lbs. larger then I was after I had the baby! Icky thought. I don't have self control to only eat 1500 calories a day. Got any other tips? I need all the help I can get!


  5. Tara, I started Crossfit on the 26th of February and have lost alittle over 10 lbs. It is a super intense workout but well worth it.