Thursday, September 29, 2011

Saying goodbye

September 28, 2011 is a day I've been dreading since they told us that our precious girl left us. This was the day that it all became undeniable, she is really gone. On this day I had to say my final fair wells. I know she has been gone for over a week but she was still with me. I still carried her under my heart, now she is only in my heart.
I no longer have her, I will never know if she would have Kai's blond hair or Trais' green eyes or would she be just as sassy as her sister? Today we said goodbye to our angel and no matter how hard I try to pretend things are different they aren't and this is the hand we have been dealt. It's not fair and I don't like it but we will survive and hopefully come out of this better people.

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