Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jaysen Avery Sanchez

So out of everything I have posted this is by far the hardest.
Today we went to see the doctor for a sono and a echo, I have been very nervous for the last few days. They nurse called us back and did my weight ( I lost 3 pounds ) and blood pressure. My heart rate was 111 by this time, they took us back to a sono room and had the sonographer come in and start the process.
She told us right off the bat she was only there to do measurements that our doctor would do everything else. Leo and I both knew when we didn't see our normally very active baby moving we knew what was coming.
When the doctor came in and talk a little and I told her we knew we had a very small window but we were praying for the best. When she did a close up of her chest and there were no heart tones it was confirmation of what we had already suspected that our baby girl had been called home before we ever got to hold her.
We are taking comfort in knowing that our daughter is with the lord and someday we will get to see her . The hardest part is going to be explaining to our kids that their baby sister is not going to be joining them here on earth, instead they have to wait till they too are called home to be with the lord before they can play with her.
Leo and I have decided to name our baby girl Jaysen Avery.
Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers during this tough time. We ask that you say a prayer of strength and healing for our family.

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